You must be lost!

But since you're here, welcome to the home of the Shake a Hamster Band! We've been lucky enough to be a part of KVSC-FM's annual Trivia Marathon for over 25 years now and are eagerly awaiting the next contest.

On this site you can find almost every song we've done and can either listen to them on a juke box, or download mp3s and add them to your personal library. All we ask is that you make no money off of anything you find here, in fact we'd rather see you spend a little by becoming a member of KVSC.

If you have any of our tunes in your personal collection that you don't see listed in this site, please contact us so we can get them from you.

Enjoy the tunes and remember, this is all done in the spirit of parody and none of us makes a single cent off of any part of this, except for KVSC and they deserve every penny!